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Keyohs are the traditional land holdings of Dakelh (Carrier) people, and the land in all directions from Stuart Lake is divided into keyohs, some larger and some smaller than others. These keyohs predate the arrival of Europeans. Under Dakelh law the heads of our extended families, Keyoh Whuduchun or Keyoh Holders, have title to the keyohs. This title is not granted, delegated or derived from an Indian Band or some other authority. It has been passed down from one family head to his or her successor, generation after generation, for many hundreds of years.

Leadership Supports Keyoh Rights

“The Keyoh (land) was managed by family units and the family head controlled the hunting, fishing and gathering in his Keyoh.”- Thomas Alexis is past Chief Councillor of Tl’azt’en Indian Band – August 2009


The responsibility for additional consultation to the Keyoh Holders lays with province and the Licensee as per recent court decisions of the Haida and Taku River Tlingit rulings….our Council has encouraged our member to be more active in the utilization of their Keyoh and we expect that your ministry.”– Leonard Thomas 2002, formerly Chief of Nak’azdli Reserve, Vice Tribal Chief CSTC, and President for First Nations Forestry Council


“Nak’azdli has consistently stated that those aboriginal rights are held by the keyoh holders, not the Nak’azdli Indian Band…….Nak’azdli is in support of the Title and Rights of the Keyoh Holders” –  Former Chief Fred Sam – Nak’azdli Indian Band, 2008


“Keyoh holders still hold Aboriginal rights and title to those lands.” Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, 2007 – David Luggi, was a former Tribal Chief of Carrier Sekani Tribal Council and was Chief for Stellat’en

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